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Best Baklava Near Me in USA

“Baklava Near Me”  or “Best Baklava Near Me” search engine queries usually yields so many different  results so where do you start?  Before the online ecommerce sites you were limited by the only findings of Baklava near me results. Today you can only blame yourself for not getting the best of the best from online businesses. Why settle for just the best local alternative results? You truly know that nothing compares to the best Baklava made in Michigan and for a good reason. Go ahead order online and impress yourself.

Michigan has the largest Arab population in the United States.  Even though there is a debate of the origins of the Baklava, whether it is Greek, Turkish or Arab, what really matters the most is who makes the best Baklava.  Arabs have perfected the making of the Baklava and there is no point in disputing that.  And by having the largest population concentration in the USA, the best bakeries making Baklava are in Michigan.  So selecting the best Baklava bakery from Michigan has just started.

Online Searching for Baklava Near Me

Whenever you search for the best specialist, you need to do some research.  Searching for the best bakery making the best Baklava should be no different too.  Here are some lists of things you need to research on.

  1. Is this a family run bakery business?
  2. How long have they been in the bakery business?

Lily Sweets passes all the above questions.  Yes it is still a family run business, and they have been in business for over three generations back home in Syria, and they just started their new operations in Michigan after their recent immigration here.  So you can rest assure that they really know what they are doing, and not making Baklava and other pastries for a quick buck.  Their Baklava is their pride and that cannot be easily replicated by other bakeries that just want to make money out of a bakery business. Their recipes have perfected over decades to bake just the best known Baklava known back home.

So whether you are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Boston, New York or Miami, you can still order from Lily Sweets and get the best Baklava in few days at the most.  You know you work hard for your money so why settle for second best?  If you never ordered from Lily Sweets for the best Baklava, you do not know what you’re missing. And they do ship to Canada too! If will take extra day or two for shipping to Canada.

Best Baklava A Click Away

Lily Sweets in West Bloomfield, MI truly offers the best Baklava when you order online.  Why settle for just the Baklava near me results? You can order online anytime and have truly the Best Baklava delivered to your doorsteps in couple of days nationwide.  Just remember that with the Internet near you is just a click away.

Lily Sweets only uses the best ingredients and has the one of the best recipes in making Syrian Baklava passed on generations within the family.  If you need also sugar free Baklava or other pastries,  you can indicate that with your order.  They will cater to your special diet needs just as well.

There are other bakeries in Michigan that offer Baklava too. But their quality has dropped over the years after gaining fame for being the first to open their business operations.  Lily Sweets is a new bakery in Michigan. But its Syrian owners have family passed recipes over decades of Baklava making experience from  back home in Syria through 3 generations.  Go ahead, try the best and you will be glad you did.

French Pastries And Cakes Too

Lily Sweets is also famous for its french pastries, birthday cakes and wedding cakes as well.  Check our links above to see how specials and images of Lily Sweets specialties too.  Let them handle the desserts for your event, and you will be glad that they did.  They are just a click and couple of days away. Remember they do offer the best Baklava and sweets your taste buds can only dream off. Do not be shy, order your sweets to love lily-sweets. But we have to warn you, we have the right to limit your orders to be fair to your neighbors said Lily Sweets’ manager with a smile.

Baklava Near Me for Business Wholesale Accounts

They also offer wholesale to businesses as well, get in contact directly by phone or email to set up a business account.  Remember sweetness is contagious. And when you provide your clients only the best pastries, they will thank you for it with their hard earned money.  Join Lily Sweets to offer the Best Baklava in America. Lily Sweets will work with all sized businesses nationwide. Join the success of Lily Sweets and become a partner.

Lily-Sweets offers Syrian and Middle Eastern pastries that are even more popular among Middle Easterners but still undiscovered by non-Arabs.  Nuts and Dates are the main ingredients for these pastries due to their readily availability in the region.  Again, sugar free pastries is gaining popularity among the aging population. They can not give up on the Baklava and other pastries, but need to watch their diets.  Lily-Sweets accommodates their needs without compromising their family passed decades recipes in Middle Eastern sweets and french pastries.

Baklava Near Me
Best Baklava Near Me from Lily Sweets

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