Baklava Facts to Know

History of Baklava Dessert

Baklava Dessert is the most popular dessert in America. So many different Ethnicity groups claim Baklava as its own. The diverse population in the USA only helps its popularity grow too.  The Greeks, Turks, and Middle Easterners all claim baklava dessert as their own.  History on the other hand stands on the Turkish side.  As such, it is actually considered to be a Turkish dessert.

The Turks ruled the Middle East close to 400 years. During that period, they did introduce their kitchen recipes to their empire including the Baklava.  Locals will always change newly adopted recipes to their culture.  Locals will substitute some ingredients to more readily locally available ones. This is why there are so many different types of baklava from different regions of the world.

Turkish Baklava

Turkish baklava dates back to the 15th century.